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Fukuoka Bike Tour


    Thank you very much for joining our bike tour!

    We would appreciate it very much if you could point out anything to us about the tour you attended. This questionnaire (Q1-Q11) will only take about 5 minutes and is anonymous. Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.


    Q1. How or where did you hear about our tour? (Multiple answers applicable)

    (1) Fukuoka Bike Tour Website(2) Internet searches(3) Trip Advisor(4) Facebook(5) Instagram(6) From people you know(7) Repeat guest(8) Brochure/flyer(9) At a tourist information desk(10) Hotel(11) Other


    If you check (11) in Q1, please tell us and fill in the following form.


    Q2. Are you happy about the bike tour contents?

    (1) Very happy(2) Satisfied(3) Not bad(4) Dissatisfied(5) Unhappy


    Q3. Are you happy with the guide?

    (1) Very happy(2) Satisfied(3) Not bad(4) Dissatisfied(5) Unhappy


    Q4. How do you feel about the tour fee?

    (1) Very reasonable(2) Reasonable(3) Appropriate(4) Expensive(5) Very expensive


    Q5. How was the length of the tour time?

    (1) Too long(2) Lengthy(3) Appropriate(4) Short(5) Too short


    Q6. What made you sign up the tour?


    Q7. What did you expect from the tour?


    Q8. Where was the best place or what was the best thing on the bike tour?


    Q9. What are improvements in the tour?


    Q10. Why did you choose Fukuoka City as your destination on your trip?


    Q11. What kinds of tours or services do you wish to have in future?


    Q12. Please give us your comments and suggestions on the bike tour.