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All of our English tour guides are nationally licensed, experienced and quite familiar with Fukuoka city.

guide_05 Shigeru
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Fukuoka is special because of the bay, the castle ruins, the old temples and shrines, the ramen noodle, the modern shopping malls and the people. I got hooked on bicycling when I was a kid in Fukuoka and explored the city by bicycle or on foot since my younger days. Let’s run on the main and back streets and enjoy the sights and sounds of Fukuoka. I would be honored to guide you through the city on our tour. See you soon!

guide_04 Mariya
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

Born and raised in Fukuoka City.
A step into streets of Fukuoka invites you to tradition, culture, festivals, handicrafts, the latest fashion and everyday life of locals. Let’s enjoy the Fukuoka Bike Tour together!

guide_03 Yuko
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I love cycling. I take a ride on my bike every day for shopping and going to work. It is faster than walking and slower than driving, which I believe it to be perfect for sightseeing. Exploring Fukuoka by bike offers you a special local experience. Why don’t you hop on a bike and visit some of the most exciting and historical spots together!

guide_02 Takaya
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

I had been explaining exhibition in Kyushu National Museum for six years. Taking advantage of this experience and knowledge, I would like to guide historical sites and relics including their historical backgrounds and perspective. Furthermore I am featuring outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking as I enjoy riding bicycle and trail running frequently. Let’s enjoy Fukuoka Bike Tour together.

guide_01 Norry
English speaking guide (Certified National Guide)

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Name Trip insight Corp.
Licensed Travel Agency / Fukuoka Gov. No.3-775
Operations -Tour planning and organizing
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-Land operation

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Fukuoka Bike Tourism
Address Reizenso B-44, 9-35 Kamikawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka,
812-0026, JAPAN
President Makoto Tanaka >> Flickr Photo
Tel Cell: +81-80-4310-4173, Office: +81-92-984-3202

Biography/Makoto Tanaka

tanaka 1967: Born
1993: Kyushu University
1993-2005: Work on Japan Energy Corporation(JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation), Tokyo
2007-2008: Round-the-world Tour >> Flickr Photo
2008-present: Trip insight Corp., Fukuoka, Kyushu

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